San Diego Padres Couldn’t Keep Up With The Dodgers

Final Tuesday was a poor day for that Padres

Following having the lead over the Dodgers, they have been not able to hold strong to it and lost 1 – 2 for the Dodgers. The game was incredibly exciting and each teams did their greatest to win it but, the Dodgers have been able to win it at the finish. Much more than 40 thousand fans of both teams watched the game from the field.

Hairston, the San Diego Padres hitter, thought that he is able to predict what Lilly, the Dodgers pitcher, is going to pitch at him but, it turned out that Lilly’s pitches are not predictable. Lilly was capable to send some ideal pitches that awarded the lead to the Dodgers at the finish of the sport with a precious 2 -1 final score.

Lilly is an experienced pitcher that had just joined the dodgers from the Cubs in a deal that also included the transfer of your infielder Ryan Theriot from the Cubs for the Dodgers too. Lilly has a long history of impeccable pitches that retired the final 20 hitters that he faced. Lilly was one of the very great trades in the dodgers this season.

Not only Lilly who appeared to be on fire this night but, Miguel Tijada, who recently moved from Baltimore for the Padres did excellent on this match as well as he was capable to score his 1st home run with the padres following his transfer. Tijada was really happy with this and he commented that he was lucky to score this homer on that sport.

Bud Black, the Padres manager also commented on the curved pitches thrown by Vincent Padilla. Black stated that a lot of of these balls broke the 90 MpH limit and added that these pitches have been variable and unpredictable.

San Diego Padres is now looking forward for that subsequent week’s games as these games could witness the return of their well-known infielder David Eckstein who had been suffering from a calf strain for the very first time in his career. Just lately Eckstein started running exercises and moving laterally prior to involving in Baseball activities in the course of the subsequent couple of days. In a fast interview with David, he stated that he’s taking it slowly and step by step as he wants to give his leg the chance to heal.

Jed Hoyer the general manager of the San Diego Padres crew is now seeking a brand new arm for that Padres during the Rotations. Jed Hoyer who was in a position to get Tijada to his group recently is now searching for a brand new deal. When he was asked by the press about external additions, he mentioned that even if it really is not our 1st selection but, it is still in his considerations.

Final Words

The new starters of your Sand Diego Padres are now monitored by Hoyer to determine their work load. The new starters with the crew are Mat Latos, Clayton Richard and Wade LeBlanc, who was the starter on Wednesday recreation. Hoyer stated that the work load of these young players needs to be monitored for their inning numbers.