Why Manny Pacquaio Beats Timothy Bradley

Manny Pacquiao (55-5-2 38 ko’s) will beat Timothy Bradley (31-0) on April 12th at the MGM grand in Las Vegas Nevada for the WBO Welterweight belt. Ask yourself this. Was there a real winner in the first fight? Bradley had his hand raised but Pacquiao appeared to gain the moral victory if you believe in the term. I am not going to call the decision for Bradley a put your hands up gunpoint robbery, but I will call it a no one gets hurt blue collar crime. Since the last time these two squared off in June of 2009 Bradley has gone on to outpoint Juan Manuel Marquez and Ruslan Provodikov. Pacquiao won an even-keeled unanimous decision over Brandon Rios in November of last year after getting caught flush on the button by Juan Manuel Marquez in their fourth fight.

So what has changed since then that would alter how the outcome of how this fight plays out? I think for Bradley the Provodnikov fight in which he got touched up pretty well definitely put some mileage on his odometer. That fight even in a win he took a lot of punishment to earn a victory. You can say that Bradley with a granite chin escaped with the hair on his chinny chin chin surviving the first round against Ruslan Provodnikov.

This could help Bradley in the sense that he got hit, and he bounced back off the floor to win now that’s a true champion. Those heavy handed shots that rattled his cage against Provodnikov may fool Bradley mentally to want to engage with Pacquiao which works right into Pac man’s wheel house. This would be a huge mistake, and not in his best interest. Pacquiao’s rapid fire punches are like a Minnie Mac 11 at all different angles.

Pacquaio comes in and out on a line throwing ones and twos even threes and fours. All while maintaining fantastic footwork. As long as Pacquiao does not over commit to that straight left hand, and square up his feet to Bradley in his follow through he will be okay. Short quick combos will work to Manny’s advantage. This fight may be a little closer, but the overall outcome will remain the same with Pacquaio throwing sequences of punches getting off first, and keeping Bradley off balance and trying to counter back. Pacquiao will make Bradley look like he’s fighting in quicksand with twenty pound ankle weights on.

To his defense Bradley did hurt his knee in their first showdown, but this should not be a factor in this fight. At the end of the day when the sun sets and the kids are tucked into bed I think Pacquiao emerges victorious putting to rest all speculation of who’s’ the best between the two fighters, and giving Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley the first official loss of his career. Ultimately it will be the footwork of Manny Pacquiao that will be the difference.

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